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Here's my Toolbox Tour. This is what I have in my home bike mechanic shop, where I build up all the review and experiMENTAL bikes you see on the channel. I've been a bike mechanic for 25 years, and these are all the tools I use to make my job possible. Using the links below will help support this channel so I can make more videos. Links: husky tool box - gojo scrubbing towels - goo gone - tri flow drip bottle - rubbing alcohol spray bottle - mineral oil brake fluid - loctite stick - squirt lube - muc off chain lube - orange seal endurance sealant - sram butter fork seal grease- anti sieze finish line- brake cleaner (unclorinated) - finishline fiber grip - tri flow grease - tri flow aerosol - dot 5 brake fluid - wd40 - viewtainer – nitrile gloves – Milwaukee Inflator. I love this thing! Two versions. 1) Tool + battery + charger: Tool only (if you already have the charger): Presta adapter: Magnetic parts tray – Paint pens - Safety blade – Ferrules - Valve stems – Topeak ratchet stick - Topeak nano torqbar - squegee for adhesive install - sanding foam block - magic eraser - shift cables - bb tools – magnet on a stick - knipex needle nose - small screwdriver - shock pump - gorilla tape - electrical tape - tri flow grease - knipex parallel pliers (med 7”) - knipex nippers - park tool master link tool - no name cable cutters - milwaukee side cutters - abby bike tools dual Crombie - bb tools - topeak d torq wrench - rubber mallet - ABBEY HAG Clone - and this: birzman chain whip pliers - pedal wrench (I bought this one and love it) - park tool headset press - dental picks - accugague - specialized EMT Pro tire levers - sram b-tension chain gap guide - capri vise - wera hex plus stainless wrenches - milwaukee storage boxes - Shimano bleed kit - SRAM bleed kit - pipe cutter - headset cup removal tool rt-1 park tool - deburr tool - park tool star nut setter - wheels mfg bearing press - park tool internal guide tool - mitutoyo digital protractor - metric tap and die set - spoke tensionmeter - milwaukee shop vac - hardtail party stickers – mitutoyo monster calipers - park tool wall mount head stand - toe strap strap - safety blades - Safety plastic razor blades - Hose cutter - Note: some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on purchases made using these links. You don't pay anything extra, but it helps support the channel. If you've learned something from my videos, consider using the affiliate links above. #toolboxtour #shoptour

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