Lighten Your Load with a Fernhill Co LTL Frame Bag

Lighten Your Load with a Fernhill Co LTL Frame Bag
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If you look at any of our trail bikes these days, you’ll see a black Fernhill Co LTL Frame bag strapped stepped to the frame. Inside this bag is a spare tube, tire lever or two, tire plugs, and a small multi-tool. Paired with a matching waist pack, I can carry everything I need for a ride several hours in length.

Neither of us enjoys wearing a hydration pack for mountain bike rides, and have shifted to wearing a waist pack for the bulk of our trail rides. Unless we’re headed out for a big day in the backcountry we limit our carry to essentials in order to maximize fun on the trails. Strapping the LTL Frame bag to our bike means we can remove a bit of weight of our hips and place it on the bike; the frame bag is sized to fit a tube, plus whatever else you can squeeze into it.

The best part of having that frame bag on the bike is that we never have to be concerned with that spare tube, as it’s already safely mounted on the bike should we need i.... Continue Reading at Bermstyle

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