Kayaking with DOLPHINS! Incredible up-close footage!

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A pod of Common Dolphins join me whilst kayaking off the South coast of Cornwall, UK. Around 10-20 Dolphins follow my kayak for over a mile along the coast and allow me to get some great video footage of the pod swimming alongside and jumping out in front of the kayak. There is no better way to start a day on the water! Cornwall is a great place to kayak with Dolphins. There is a really healthy population around the coast of Cornwall and every so often they like to come and investigate the kayak. They are inquisitive creatures and enjoy playing as you paddle (or in my case pedal) along. It is important not to chase marine wildlife and let them come to you on their own accord. After around 20 minutes this pod had finished their fun and went on their way further out to sea. A really great experience! For those interested, i am using a Hobie Mirage Drive kayak, specifically a Revolution 16. This is a kayak propelled using a pedal drive system, which drives two fins beneath the k.... Continue Reading at Kayak Fishing Blog

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