How to Get Power While Boondocking

How to Get Power While Boondocking
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This article has been modified from its original appearance in Living in a Small RV – How we camp free and work remotely in our off-grid RV.

There are household items that need to be charged; there’s just no way around that. We have laptops, cell phones, tablets, and small battery packs. Electrical power is just one of the necessities, especially when you’re working remotely. But how do you get power when you’re not at a campground with an easy power connection? It boils down to your budget. There are some cheap options, but they aren’t convenient and they have their limitations. The goal here is to live in freedom and comfort. The more points of friction that you can remove from your life on the road, the better, and the longer it is that you’re likely to stick with the lifestyle. We’ll cover the smallest and least expensive option, eventually making our way up to the most expensive (and most convenient) option.
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