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Our first week in the van is off to a rough start. Our water system has leaks everywhere and the transition to living in a van again has us emotional. Nat opens up and describes how van life changed her life. Q&A - Get to know us : Video Chapters 00:00 - Intro 00:36 - Back in the Van! at James Island County Park 01:52 - We have a big problem 03:56 - Fixing the leaks in our off grid water system 05:56 - Nat has a breakdown 07:52 - Therapeutic walk in nature 08:35 - Parked for the night at St. Simon Beach 09:06 - Keeping a journal for our mental health 10:37 - Abi's morning routine 11:03 - Nat opens up about how living in a van changed her life 26:30 - Nat's Poem 26:59 - The End We've just finished building an off grid tiny home. Through DIY hard work with our own two hands, our cabin on wheels vision has come to life. Towanda 2.0 is ready for life on the open road, but are WE ready? The nomadic life has its challenges and we'll face them day b.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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