Your Guide to Hiking the White and Green Mountains

Your Guide to Hiking the White and Green Mountains
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Any visitor to New England looking to escape to the mountains faces one major question: The Whites or the Greens? Both of the Northeast’s dominant ranges offer plenty of opportunities to explore but have markedly different environments.

Steep and rugged, the White Mountains are concentrated in north-central New Hampshire, extending from the Connecticut River east to just across the Maine border. The bulk of the range is contained in 796,000-acre White Mountain National Forest, which includes six federally designated wilderness areas and more than 7,700 acres of alpine habitat. Forty-eight peaks in the Whites exceed 4,000 feet in elevation, capped by 6,288-foot Mount Washington, the highest point in the northeastern U.S., the former record holder for the world’s highest wind gust (231 miles per hour), and the site of many infamous climbing and mountaineering stories. An extraordinary network of some 1,250 miles of hiking trails crisscro.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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