Walking Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health

Walking Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health
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Moving about the world is an essential part of the experience of being human.

Movement, and most especially lots of regular walking, is good—indeed, great—for body and brain. I want to go far beyond these simple and relatively uncontroversial contentions and investigate the potential wider benefits of walking—to ask how walking affects mood, mental health, and brain function. Regular walkers (myself included) claim that, deprived of the opportunity to walk for even a few days, we feel sluggish and tired and often a little bit down and that the self-administered cure is simple—to go out for a good walk. Thrillingly, there is now an emerging body of science that supports this anecdotal feeling and indicates that walking, especially in regular doses, often in nature, does actually improve how we feel. Think of all those blustery, rainy long walks that at the time might have felt arduous but at the end l.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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