Terrey Hills Aboriginal Engravings

Terrey Hills Aboriginal Engravings
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A partly off-track adventure in search of two Aboriginal engraving sites in Terrey Hills.  A short bushwalk in Terrey Hill leads to a couple of well-hidden Aboriginal engraving sites. The walk to the first rock platform is pretty easy, with the trail winding through eucalyptus trees and long grass.

Although the walking trail is unmarked, a blue sign in front of the rock platform states that this is a protected Aboriginal site. Stanbury & Clegg in their Field Guide to Aboriginal Rock Engravings refer to this area as the “Hunting Site”, and suggest that it denotes a successful kangaroo hunt. This would be used for an “increase ceremony”, designed to promote the fertility of particular plants or animals. There’s also an argument that because the man has a large penis, and is wearing a head-dress, the site might be associated with creator spirits such as Baiame (Ray Norris).

As well as the man, there are two women and two.... Continue Reading at Hiking The World

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