How To Prevent And Treat Blisters When Hiking

How To Prevent And Treat Blisters When Hiking
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Blisters are pretty common among hikers and backpackers. They suck! Blisters can cause you so much pain to the point where you are afraid to take one more step, but I have learned how to prevent them from even happening. I used to get them a lot when I first started hiking, but now, not so much. Below I talk about how to prevent these suckers if you do get them, and I talk about how to treat them. Blisters can hinder your fantastic trip, so I hope this post helps you get outside without any pain.

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How Do You Get Blisters Blisters happen when there is too much friction, moisture, and heat. When it comes to hikers, it is usually because your shoes are too tight and wet from sweating or rain. The constant motion on the trail will cause your shoes to produce friction on your sweaty feet. I.... Continue Reading at The Wandering Queen

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