Flat Rock Beach circuit (Garigal NP)

Flat Rock Beach circuit (Garigal NP)
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A loop walk through Garigal National Park around Killarney Heights, combining the Flat Rock Beach Track, Magazine Track and Bates Creek Track.  It’s been a while since I’ve visited the quiet and secluded Flat Rock Beach – I figure it’s time for another visit, with a loop around the Killarney Heights. Starting at the end of Downpatrick Road, I head down the wide access track down to the Flat Rock Beach Track.

It’s quite a shaded track with some rainforest-like sections – but it’s also evident from the non-native weeds and fishbone fern that this part of Garigal National Park is not far from civilisation!

There’s soon some impressive sandstone cliffs and overhangs, some weathered by thousands of years of wind and water erosion. (A news article from 1979 documents how a Lithuanian couple, who migrated to Australia after WWII and feared they were being pursued by Soviet agents, lived as hermits in one of these ca.... Continue Reading at Hiking The World

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