Explore The Lost Coast With Wildland Trekking

Explore The Lost Coast With Wildland Trekking
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California is often synonymous with white sand beaches, sunshine, and movie stars. Still, it only takes a little bit of digging to recognize that The Golden State is much more than what Hollywood movies or the catchall tourism promotions portray.

If you know where to look, there are pockets of rugged wilderness and pristine landscape up and down the Pacific Coast, and perhaps no stretch of coastal California is more remarkable than The Lost Coast. This 25-mile stretch of shoreline is as remote as any you will find in the contiguous United States and offers the perfect escape from the crowds, heat, and traffic elsewhere in the state.

The Lost Coast is within both Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and earned its name following a significant population exodus in the 1930s. State Highway 101 runs along nearly the entire California seaboard – that is, until it hits The Lost Coast. Here, the jagged coastal King Range meets the ocean and made for an unsurpassable.... Continue Reading at Wildland Trekking

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