Best Places to Kayak in the US: Where to Go Kayaking

Best Places to Kayak in the US: Where to Go Kayaking
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If you are a newcomer to the camping of any kind, or just new to camping out of a kayak, your best bet is to go on a trip with someone who is experienced. And also in somewhere where it suits kayaking. So, finding the best places to kayak in the US is important to make a plan where to go kayaking.

Kayak camping may not be as high up the ladder of camping complexity as snow camping in winter, but it presents enough challenges to make apprenticeship a wise option.

Kayaking with Commercial Packages (Kayaking Outfitters) A good choice is a commercial or “packaged” trip, where you may only be required to show up with your own toothbrush. The outfitter will take care of virtually every other detail of food, equipment, and the itinerary. All you have to do is follow the leader’s directions, ask plenty of questions, and take note of what and why.

Most of these trips are participatory; in other words, you are expected to take part in the .... Continue Reading at Safariors

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