Best Green Travel Tips

Best Green Travel Tips
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Ask almost anyone, and they’ll tell you the one thing they miss the most this year is that they aren’t traveling. While we may be missing it, the good news is that traveling less is quite good for the environment. It is no secret that travel, especially air travel, is detrimental to the environment, and these emissions contribute to our overall atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Still, this isn’t enough to deter most of us from checking a few destinations off of our bucket list. Perhaps it is more the way we travel that isn’t sustainable over the fact that we travel at all. So, how can we still hit the road or hop across the pond in a more eco-friendly way?

We must remember that virtually every decision we make impacts the environment in some way. When it comes to travel, these effects can be drastically exacerbated. Transportation-related emissions, the food you’re choosing to eat, the single-use items that make your travel days a bit more con.... Continue Reading at Wildland Trekking

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