Highlights From the 2021 Sedona MTB Fest – Wooden Hardtails, 246mm rotors, Ti Frames, and More

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The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival is my favorite bike event on the planet. Amazing people, amazing trails, and amazing products. 2021 was a huge success and I had a blast. Here are my highlights from the fest. Do you need help choosing your next bike? Become a patron today for one-on-one bike consultation: patreon.com/hardtailparty. Here are the websites of the companies in this video: Crank Bros Synthesis Wheels - https://bit.ly/3FbO6Lw FiveTen - https://bit.ly/30Auli3 Thompson Hooch - https://bit.ly/32aIyTr Sedona Mountain Bike Academy - https://bit.ly/3Dlw1tX Tailwind Nutrition - https://bit.ly/2Xbxy3q GUP Industries - https://bit.ly/3kIxdjQ Handup Gloves and Apparel - https://bit.ly/3dhUe8z - use discount code "HARDTAILPARTY" Outbound Lighting - https://bit.ly/30qI7U7 Galfer Brake Rotors and Pads - https://bit.ly/3ceoBNh Boone Technologies Cranks - https://bit.ly/3nhun72 Thunder Mountain Bikeshop in Sedona - https://bit.ly/3FhoBZe Club Ride Apparel - 20% off all Club Ride Apparel using code "hardtailparty20" Party Shirt International - use code "HARDTAIL25" at https://bit.ly/3HmVx4x Celilo Wooden Bikes - https://bit.ly/30uM4Hn Nice Bike Protection - https://bit.ly/3xB2olz Gear I use and love: 20% off all Club Ride Apparel using code "hardtailparty20" - https://bit.ly/3kGjnx8 Hardtail Party Shirts, hats, and SWAG - shop.spreadshirt.com/hardtailparty Lab Austere hip pack: https://bit.ly/3p37K58 - code "Hardtail.Party" 25% off Handup Gloves: https://bit.ly/3dhUe8z - use discount code "HARDTAILPARTY" 5DEV cranks - 5% off using coupon code "hardtailparty" here: https://bit.ly/3c5Ha6b My shop tools: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hardtailparty My glasses (use code "hardtail10"): https://bit.ly/3aXBeKp My tire sealant: https://bit.ly/2ULJirZ My favorite grips: https://bit.ly/3mYRL8Z Hardtail Party collection by pedal industries - code "HARDTAILPARTY": https://bit.ly/3ilNdqH What's in my water bottles (Tailwind): https://bit.ly/2Xbxy3q My hooded sun shirt: https://bit.ly/38NdU1x Milwaukee Inflator. I love this thing! https://amzn.to/38Vdqrj Presta adapter: https://amzn.to/3cMADx1 5% off all RSD bikes using code "party" - https://bit.ly/3dj2nZP - Ryan Leech Connection: $19 off - coupon code "hardtailparty"​ - https://bit.ly/2UwrmQq https://amazon.com/shop/hardtailparty any time you shop on amazon using this link, it helps me. Note: some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on purchases made using these links. You don't pay anything extra, but it helps support the channel. If you've learned something from my videos, consider using the affiliate links above. 0:00 Welcome 0:29 - Crank Brothers Synthesis Wheels 2:24 - Fiveten Shoes 5:03 - Transition 5:22 - MRP 6:20 - Jame's Ti WHy 6:50 - SMBA 7:33 - GUP 8:48 - Tailwind Nutrition Group Ride 12:30 - Thompson 14:23 - Kuat Kashima 14:40 - Handup 15:41 - Bike Valet 16:09 - Outbound Lighting 22:32 - Spot Rocker Sighting 23:00 - Galfer USA 23:50 - Boone Technologies 25:58 - Rogue Panda 27:07 - Why Cycles 27:24 - Thunder Mountain Bikes 27:41 - Club Ride Apparel 28:11 - Party Shirt International 28:54 - Esker Cycles 29:09 - Club Ride Group Ride 33:22 - @oldshovel 33:41 - Celilo Cycles 35:52 - Nice Bike Protection

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