Glacier Collapse on Mont Blanc Threatens

Glacier Collapse on Mont Blanc Threatens
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The ice is from the Planpincieux glacier, above the ski resort of Courmayeur in the Aosta Valley in Italy.

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in western Europe and is on the border with France and Italy

The authorities ordered the evacuation of a “red zone” at the base of the slope for at least 72 hours.

75 people have been moved.

Roads and hiking trails have been closed.

It was “urgent and vital” to move people directly in the path of a potential ice fall, Courmayeur mayor Stefano Miserocchi said, highlighting an “elevated state of alert”.

The ice is situated  at  2,600m to 2,800m.

A recent heatwave has raised concerns and the temperatures are set to remain high over the coming days.

One official has described the ice as “the size of Milan cathedral or a football pitch covered in ice 80m thick”.

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