Get This Shed Done – Day 8 – Prep for Finishing Plaster in Office and CLEAN UP!

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Day 8 - So. Much. Sifting. But first Ashley attempts to fix hairline cracks in the guest room. Then we prep for finishing plaster in the office and Jonathan cleans up all the ;shed' around this place! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY : BUY SHIRTS: SUPPORT OUR PROJECT: 00:22 - Intro Day 8 1:35 - Cement Pad Clean Up 2:15 - Fix Hairline Cracks in Guest Room 4:00 - Goat Milk Chai 5:09 - Clean Up This Shed! 5:55 - So. Much. Sifting 8:26 - Milking Time 10:19 - Prep Office for Finishing Plaster 10:44 - Wrap Up LINKS// HYPERADOBE BAGS: WEBSITE: PUPPY: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: COURSES: AIRSTREAM RENOVATION: SUPPORT US BY SHOPPING ON AMAZON: Continue Reading at Tiny Shiny Home

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