Get This Shed Done – Day 3 – Internet Antennas, Measuring for Bed & TV, More Final Plaster

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Day 3 - We continue to put final plaster coats on in the guest room while Jonathan installs internet antennas and measures for the television they'll be putting in. Nine Nine is all kinds of adorable. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY : BUY SHIRTS: SHUPPORT US: Internet Guide: Custom Wires: 0:21 - Day 3 Intro 2:51 - Internet Setup & Antennas 10:06 - Interior Plaster Coating 10:54 - Television Research 13:04 - Measuring for Bed 14:24 - More Final Coat Plaster 15:21 - Nine Nine Adorableness 16:01 - Day 3 Wrap Up 19:52 - MORE NINE NINE LINKS// HYPERADOBE BAGS: WEBSITE: PUPPY: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: ROLLING GARDEN SIFTER : https://rollingsifter.ecwi.... Continue Reading at Tiny Shiny Home

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