GEAR CHECK: My RSD Middle Child Titanium Bikepacking Rig from the Colorado Trail

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This is the bike check for the gear I took on our recent bikepacking trip on a few sections of the Colorado Trail. This is a size small titanium middle child with a 130mm fork. It worked fantastic for the trip. It's the slackest bike I've taken bikepacking yet. I almost always size down on my bikepacking rigs, since I want a shorter cockpit for longer days in the saddle. It turned out great. Here are the products shown in the video: - RSD Middle Child Ti (use coupon code "party" to save 5%) - Wolftooth Pack Pliers - Osprey Tool Roll - Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cage - Vargo Titanium cookpot - sawyer water filter - long-handle titanium spoon - mosquito net - My hooded sun shirt - camp stove custom frame pack: - Shelter system - Terravail Coronado Tires - Thule rear cargo rack - Oveja Negra Chuckbucket bag: - Oveja Negra Front-end loader - Revelate Designs Saltyroll - Knight Composites Wheels - my down sleeping quilt - my sleeping pad - my favorite Zip ties Support the channel and save some money by shopping using these links. Feel free to share these with your friends, but please do not post these discounts anywhere else, or we will all lose these discount codes. - 5% off all RSD bikes using code "party" - The Hardtail Party collection at Club Ride - Ryan Leech Connection: $19 off - coupon code "hardtailparty"​ - Velocirax racks - 5% off using coupon code: "hardtailparty" any time you shop on amazon using this link, it helps me. Note: some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on purchases made using these links. You don't pay anything extra, but it helps support the channel. If you've learned something from my videos, consider using the affiliate links above.

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