Quick Release Kayak Anchor System for Fishing Kayaks

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In this video i show you how to set up a Quick Release Anchoring System for Kayak Fishing, for use with an Anchor Trolley. This system allows you to instantly disconnect from your anchor set up and return to the set up whenever you wish. The system uses an Anchor (with Chain), an Anchor Reel loaded with line, a Hi-Viz Pick-Up Buoy and a length of Floating Rope. I show you how to assemble the set up and use it in conjunction with an Anchor Trolley system with a run through of how to deploy and haul the anchor set up. This is great for safety as you can quickly release from anchor should you need to get out of the way of boat traffic, or get out of some nasty water conditions when you wouldn't otherwise have time to haul the anchor in. You can then return to the anchor set up when it is safe to do so. This system can also be useful when fishing as part of a group as you can easily disconnect from anchor and go help a friend, or photo a fish, and return when ready. PLEASE NOTE: t.... Continue Reading at Kayak Fishing Blog

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