My Angling Life

My Angling Life
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How casting, conservation, and even cancer can teach us what matters. As a kid growing up in Wyoming I always woke up jazzed when it was my birthday. But on my 10th birthday, I was especially excited because I knew my dad had something special for me. He’d been teasing me, saying I was out of luck this year because my brother and sister had gotten everything. But I knew he was just pulling my leg.

I ran downstairs to find the kitchen empty of people and presents. After hunting around, I found my mom, who kissed me. Maybe I just needed to wait it out a bit. I poured myself some cereal and pouted. Then my dad walked into the room. Nothing. Did he really forget? 

I waited patiently until my dad finally led me out to the yard. Then, there it was: a long, skinny box leaning against a bench, wrapped in brightly colored paper. I ripped it open to find my first fly rod and reel. I jumped up and down as my dad handed me my most cherished birthday present eve.... Continue Reading at Elevation Outdoors

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