How To Install an Anchor Trolley System on a Fishing Kayak – Step-By-Step Fit Guide

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In this video i show you how to fit an Anchor Trolley System to a Fishing Kayak. I show you step-by-step instructions on how to make and install a universal anchor trolley system that can be fitted to any kayak. In this video i fit an anchor trolley system to the Wilderness Systems Tarpon E 120 kayak and show how this is used with a simple anchoring kit. The Anchor Trolley System, sometimes called a Running Rig, is an essential part of anchoring a kayak safely, allowing you to set the anchor line off the bow or stern of the kayak, all from the comfort of the seating position. The components i use in this anchor trolley kit are: - 2 x Stainless Steel Pulleys for 6mm Lines - 2 x Stainless Steel Karabiners - 60mm in length - 2 x Stainless Rings - 30mm in diameter - 2 x Nylon Pad Eyes - 1 x Zig Zag Cleat - 10m of 5mm Polypropylene Braided Cord - 40cm of 5mm Shockcord - 6 x Trifold Rivets SUBSCRIBE for more Kayak Fishing videos! If you are in the UK, all kayak anchoring supplie.... Continue Reading at Kayak Fishing Blog

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