We Test the New Bivy Stick Blue

We Test the New Bivy Stick Blue
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Communication is one of the cornerstones of backcountry travel, as the ability to advise family and friends of our progress, call for assistance, or make an SOS during an emergency all helps provide us with confidence to travel further afield.

During my travels in Southern Africa, it was helpful to know that the Bivy was always available, including during moto repairs in Swaziland and solo exploration in South Africa. 

While Bivy is one of the newest devices on the market, I have been testing their units for a few years, including their original V1 model that served as a tethered communicator and device charging brick. The concept was clever and robust, but it suffered from a fatal flaw. . . it required the phone to operate any function other than powering on/off. That meant if the phone suffered any damage or the traveler was separated from their phone, the unit would no longer function. A fall at speed from a motorcycle can easily crack a phone screen, etc. Whi.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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