Warn’s Legendary 8274 Now Pulls 10,000 Pounds

Warn’s Legendary 8274 Now Pulls 10,000 Pounds
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There are few products that are truly legendary, and the Warn 8274 winch is one of them. This winch has serves explorers around the globe for over 60 years. Originally, it was called the Belleview winch, and was manufactured from 1959-1973. In 1974, it was improved and strengthened, taking on the name 8274.

“By the way, have you ever wondered what M8274 stood for? The M stands for “model,” 8 is for its 8,000 lb. capacity, 2 is for “two-way” (freespool and power-in), and 74 is the year it was introduced.” And now, the legend is getting upgraded for the next decades with a 10,000 pound capacity and Spydura synthetic rope. The increased performance comes from a new 6 horsepower motor, which gives a (nearly) 80 feet per minute no load line speed, and a 7.7 feet per minute rated loaded line speed. Importantly, it includes a sealed Albright solenoid for excellent electrical reliability. See the full release below for more details.

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