Vintage Camper Restoration Dangers and Considerations

Vintage Camper Restoration Dangers and Considerations
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Editor’s Note: We elected to feature this editorial as a service to our readers, recognizing that so few of us know the dangers of asbestos in older vehicles, often encountered during the restoration process.


No matter where you go to camp, it seems like you can’t go without spotting a restored vintage camper these days. For some, traveling in a vintage camper is a cost-effective way to get away and enjoy the outdoors. But for many, vintage campers are a passion and a way to relish in charm and nostalgia while traveling. It certainly goes uncontested to say that a restored vintage camper will make heads turn and start a conversation with your camp neighbors.

More often than not, a vintage camper will need some kind of restoration work. There are numerous things that could require repairs such as the tires and bearings, electrical and gas systems, interior components, and anything that has suffered water damage. These items should be carefully.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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