Van-splaining: Take Your Life on the Road

Van-splaining: Take Your Life on the Road
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By Rob Putnam

As the sun rises over an Arizona skydive drop zone, Tamale Sepp flings open the doors of her nondescript, under-the-radar white van. She inhales the earthy air mingled with scents of grass crushed by jumpers as she begins her day in the cruiser that she recently made her home. In late December, she elected to surrender her apartment keys and abandon the conventional life that most of us have accepted. She bought a van and set to work as she customized her new wander wagon. Van life is an option that appeals to her and a growing number of other people. It represents emancipation from sometimes soul-crushing rent and an opportunity for impromptu travel and deepened self-knowledge.

Sepp is a standup comedian and skydiver who’s lived in Chicago for the past several years. When a change in her life circumstances dropped in unannounced, she saw it as an inexorable invitation to the road. Moreover, it would allow her to book gigs across the country.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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