This App Wants to Open Up 350,000 Miles of Off-Roading

This App Wants to Open Up 350,000 Miles of Off-Roading
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When planning a trip that involves off-road travel—whether to camp, hike, or just see nature—you likely scour the internet for available information, ask friends for suggestions, and lean heavily on your own previous experience. That process will undoubtedly get you somewhere, though it’s also limiting and time-consuming. But what if a simple smartphone app could enable you to navigate virtually every off-road trail on the continent?

That’s the mission of OnX Offroad. I just spent the day exploring trails near my home in southwest Montana with the app’s developer, Rory Edwards, and the manager of its new Trail Guide program, Chris Cordes. 

I first discovered OnX Offroad a year ago, when the app was still in beta release form. (It’s now priced at $30 a year and available for iOS and Android users.) Even then it was enormously empowering. By adding data points, like opening dates a.... Continue Reading at Outside Online

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