The Primus Camp Kitchen | Field Tested

The Primus Camp Kitchen | Field Tested
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This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Summer 2020 issue. 

The year was 1911, and Roald Amundsen had just arrived at the South Pole. Roald was known for his pedantic nature and the extreme lengths he went to in testing equipment prior to an expedition. His stove of choice was the Primus, and it not only helped feed him but saved his life as well.

“In deep cold, sweat condenses in its passage through the clothing, forming a deposit of rime, which then melts with horrible discomfort. Amundsen had to sit up late, drying his Netsilik reindeer fur kamiks over the Primus stove.” –Roland Huntford, Scott and Amundsen

Primus was founded in 1892 and served notable expeditions from the South Pole to the first ascent of Everest in 1953. As I considered my next kitchen kit, I researched the history of the major brands and found Primus so steeped in lore that I needed to give it a try. Had the legacy endured?

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