The Migration

The Migration
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Prior to witnessing the Serengeti migration for the first time, I thought I had more of an understanding of what it entailed. I had dreamt about seeing this phenomenal sight for many years, only to realize the scale of how it all threaded together was far more impressive than I had imagined. This vast ecosystem, known to the Maasai people as “the land of endless plains,” covers approximately 30,000 square kilometers and is one of the oldest on the planet. It has a staggering diversity of plants, wildlife, and insects as well as being home to the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world.

The ancient route of the wildebeest follows a clockwise cycle with three vital aspects: feeding, breeding, and the weather. It is an epic journey they undertake throughout the year, every year. They cover approximately 3,400 kilometers, with more than three-quarters of the route in Tanzania, then crossing into the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and returning once again to the Sereng.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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