The 1,600-mile Commute

The 1,600-mile Commute
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The cash deposit I’d paid was all the ATM would give me, and a handwritten receipt was all I got back. So once I’d landed back in the UK, I transferred some money to my new Bulgarian bank account and jumped on the bike back to the European Union’s most easterly member. I was on a mission to turn the deposit into a purchase, and the receipt into an official document of ownership before anything changed: minds, price, exchange rates, or regulations. 

The ferry docks late in Holland and, with no time to put my phone on charge, I’m waved down the unloading ramp. It’s OK, I’ve written the key towns and turnoffs on a piece of paper and put it in the tank bag. With a roaming signal, I’ve finally got a response from the ex I texted. She’s not home, she’s in Holland. ‘So am I’, I write, but the reply is slower than I am. It’s Friday night rush hour round Rotterdam but the traffic is calm and considerate. Withi.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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