Realities of A Classic 4×4: Noise

Realities of A Classic 4×4: Noise
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People don’t generally ask what noise levels are like while driving the Troopy; it gets overshadowed by just about everything else. Pop-tops and engines make for far better conversations than how many millimeters of acoustic insulation cover our floor pan. After 11 months of traveling in the Troopy, though, we can say with certainty that noise levels are one of its weakest areas. But this is the nature of all vehicles: compromise must be made in one area to excel in another. This weekend, we had the opportunity to get our 3rd Gen 4Runner on its first trip since buying the Land Cruiser. 


It was a chance for a direct comparison between noise levels in both of our 4x4s. We would travel on many of the routes and trails we have been using for the previous two years. Southeast Oregon and Northwest Nevada have long been our go-to location for escaping the crowds. With the excitement of purchasing the Troop Carrier having worn off ever-so-slightly, .... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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