Overlanding as a Team

Overlanding as a Team
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As an instructor for various overlanding skills, I am often asked what the secret is for encouraging an unenthusiastic partner to appreciate the outdoors and how to make the overland experience enjoyable for them. People wonder if the solution may rely somewhat on buying certain products and amenities to increase comfort while on the road. The answer is no; there is no magic secret. Your partner may never love camping, for example, or even like it, and that is okay because you love that person for many other reasons. Together you can come up with alternative solutions. If your partner has at least some interest in overlanding, then I have some tips to help their first exposures to the lifestyle be good ones. These concepts will help you build a team that will take your adventures to the next level.

COMMUNICATION The most important strategy is to use good communication. Talk to your partner and start a conversation based on their concerns. Knowing the things that may s.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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