Overlander Lubricant. . . Drink Responsibly

Overlander Lubricant. . . Drink Responsibly
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It has been a long, hot and difficult day. The rig has been behaving badly, the last of twenty checkpoints involved a locked and loaded Kalashnikov, your convoy partner has been very hard work and there is a difficult multi-day remote mountain pass ahead. It is at times like these that all an overlander needs is a camp fire, Santos and Johnny’s Sleep Walk on repeat and an ice cold, refreshing beer. Beer is to this overlander what engine oil is to his Land Rover. Yes, I know, beer is the working mans beverage but that is exactly what I am and some days on the road are hard work! Anyone who reads my books will know that often stories of life on the road end with the sentence, “We pulled into camp, made a campfire and enjoyed a cold beer”. I will not apologise, that is the reality. Our journey around the globe has in some ways been a grand brewery tour as we have savoured brews from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro, Ushuaia to Bogota, Panama to Alaska, Florida to the Uni.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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