Nova Scotia | 14 Overland Routes

Nova Scotia | 14 Overland Routes
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As a child, there were a few things I “knew” about what lay beyond the borders of Texas. In the States, the Southeast was a land of sugary sand beaches and muggy afternoons; the Northeast was home to big cities, cold weather, and lots of trees; while the Midwest was filled with corn, and well, more corn. The West, though, that was a place of legends—home to Arizona’s immense canyons, Colorado’s raging rivers, California’s vast deserts. Extending into Canada and beyond were mountains so majestic in British Columbia and Alaska that they defied comprehension. With such childhood perceptions, I suppose it’s no surprise that when I finally left Texas, I spent the next decade exploring the western side of North America without the slightest interest in turning my sights back east. That was, at least, until a chance conversation with a traveler at a bar, and two simple words that piqued my interest: Nova Scotia. 


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