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Life on the Road | Moto Proven
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This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Summer 2020 issue. 

One of the wonderful things about adventure motorcycle travel is the simplicity, eschewing the complexities and excesses of daily life. As a rider, we can only bring so much, and the more we travel, the more we tend to leave behind. The less we take, the better the bike corners, and that is kind of the point.

While preparing this comprehensive rider, bike, and equipment list, I pored through my notes, paring it down to essentials. It is most important to address the critical pieces, starting with riding gear (which also protects us from the environment), survival basics, tools, navigation, and communications. Although it is tempting to bring the kitchen sink stove, I really only cook food off the bike when I am in North America. Otherwise, local offerings are a much better choice and give us a chance to mingle with people and stretch our legs. If off .... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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