Jeep Ultima :: Building the J8 for Overland Travel

Jeep Ultima :: Building the J8 for Overland Travel
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We have to thank the Egyptians for the J8. Throughout the past 30 years, the Egyptian military has been an impetus for several important iterations of the Jeep, going all the way back to the CJ-6 and the iconic TJL. These vehicles have been mostly built in Egypt for that market by Arab American Vehicles (AAV), but the U.S. consumer has also benefited from the tooling and engineering of these small production runs, resulting in the availability of a highly capable option.

The J8 was born from similar roots, though its application has become global with sales into nearly every continent on the globe. The success of the J8 is a result of limited and aging competition. Most of the vehicles the J8 competes with for military and peacekeeping contracts were designed three decades ago and lack the refinement, safety, and performance of the modern Jeep chassis. A safer vehicle means fewer lives lost and reduced costs, as the J8 has proven it will outperform any other vehicle in its cla.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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