Intro To Overlanding :: 5 Knots Everyone Should Know

Intro To Overlanding :: 5 Knots Everyone Should Know
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As someone who’s been rock climbing for over a decade, I can tell you firsthand that having a handful of knots in your repertoire can literally save your butt. But fear not; you don’t need to start scaling cliffs for knots to become a useful part of your life. Overland travelers and anyone else venturing off the grid will benefit from learning the following five basic knots, all of which are versatile and relatively easy to tie.

**DISCLAIMER**  Using and relying on knots comes with inherent risks. It is your responsibility to learn how to tie and understand the limitations of any knots that you rely on, especially when their use can affect your personal safety. When in doubt, consult an expert.


Bowline Photo: Matt Swartz

USES: Anchoring a rope to a fixed object (i.e., a tree, recovery point, or fixed anchor). The bowline has also historically been used for tying a safety rope to oneself or climbing harness to prevent a fall.
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