How We Began Our Overland Journey and What We Learned

How We Began Our Overland Journey and What We Learned
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Two weeks before the start of our overland adventure, my mother and I went to Spain for a week. Coen was flabbergasted. Buried in a list of things he felt needed to be done, he couldn’t understand why I went on vacation. On the other hand, I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Couldn’t we just throw a bag with clothes in the Land Cruiser and leave? 

I may arguably have been the most relaxed person in the world before starting an overland journey. 

When Coen and I decided to sell all we owned, buy an old, cheap vehicle and drive from the Netherlands to Southeast Asia, we had known each other for less than a year, and living 200 kilometres apart, had seen each other only on weekends. There was still a lot we needed to learn about each other.

We found the rusty Land Cruiser in Germany and picked it up late January, exactly four months before I handed over the keys of my house to its new owners. Since we both still had to work.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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