How an Elite Marine and a Afghan Dog Saved Each Other

How an Elite Marine and a Afghan Dog Saved Each Other
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Craig’s candor caught me off-guard as he described the experience of narrowly avoiding death in Afghanistan, but then again, elite Marine Corps members have a unique lens through which they interpret their experiences. Craig went overseas as a CI/HUMINT (counterintelligence/human intelligence) operative, but little did he know that going to Afghanistan to serve his country would also allow him to find an amazing four-legged companion in a heavily fortified Taliban stronghold.


Born in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington D.C., Craig grew up surrounded by public servants, including his father.


“My Dad was in the military for four years…but we weren’t a military family by any means. My Dad served for over 30 years in the federal government—he’s the ‘black box guy,’ the guy who shows up to get it and interpret the data (after a plane crash). He really showed me what it meant to se.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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