Go Fast Campers SuperLite Redefines Hardshell RTTs

Go Fast Campers SuperLite Redefines Hardshell RTTs
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Montana-based Go Fast Campers has a penchant for producing drool-worthy overlanding gear and they just did something that is likely to send waves through the roof top tent (RTT) market. Behold the SuperLite: a sub-100-pound, hardshell, made-in-the-USA, rooftop tent for $1300. Cue fireworks.


“Everyone, it seems, wants a roof-top-tent (RTT) these days. And everyone, it seems, likes to complain about them. They’re either affordable and unreasonably ugly and difficult to set up (bag tents), or they’re lower profile, easy to set up, but unreasonably expensive (hardshell RTTs). Here at Go-Fast Campers we take such conundrums as a challenge. So we’ve spent the past couple of years devising a solution.” 


Innovation + Proven Design  

Product improvements often come in two forms: new, innovative ideas or improving on a successful design. The Go Fast Campers SuperLite RTT does both. Starting wi.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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