Gear Spotlight :: Spot, Halite, Sawyer, and Redarc

Gear Spotlight :: Spot, Halite, Sawyer, and Redarc
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In preparation for our overland journey from Cape Town, South Africa to Vladivostok, Russia we have been accumulating gear that will be employed to make the journey easier, safer, and more secure. The following is a first impression look at four products which will be put to the ultimate test on the world’s longest possible overland route (if we are able to cross Syria and the Sinai). We will review this gear again midway through the journey and again once we reach the other side of Russia. We are minimalist by choice and necessity and only use gear which is essential and of a very high quality.


Spot X and Trace The Spot devices both use a GPS satellite system to transmit data to and from a satellite network essentially providing global coverage. Unfortunately for us, there are a few blank spots on the coverage map, namely the Horn of Africa and parts of Central Asia. We will just have to be careful there.



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