Field Tested: Grayl Geopress OnePress Water Filter

Field Tested: Grayl Geopress OnePress Water Filter
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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Fall 2020 Issue.


When we travel remotely or in the developing world, it is critical to prepare for accidents, spoiled supplies, and survival scenarios. I started carrying a water filter in every vehicle after a leak in my primary supply tank emptied all of my stores. This required cutting my trip short and nursing the few bottles and drinks in the fridge until I could resupply. The same applies to adventure motorcycles, where weight is the enemy, and only so much water can be carried.

Recently, my expectations and needs for a water filter have changed, and now include the ability to store water to support day hikes and other activities. Having owned a few brands, I wanted to try the new Geopress, which is one of the easiest filters on the market to use. With one press (about eight seconds), it produces 24 ounces of purified water. The multi-stage filter includes elect.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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