Field-Replaceable Valve Stem for Overlanding

Field-Replaceable Valve Stem for Overlanding
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Photos by Mercedes Lilienthal and Ben Allread

One of the most unexpected things that can happen on the trail is slicing a tire’s valve stem. It’s a small
detail many overlook, but destroying a valve stem can mean the end of your off-roading adventure if
you don’t have a spare tire or means to replace it.

Arkansas-based Colby Valve offers a variety of premium valve stems to replace standard rubber units.
Gone are the days of cheap rubber tubing; in are heavy-duty, low-profile quality brass fittings. I recently
reviewed their patented US-made Ultimate Valve System permanent valve stems.

Colby Valve Ultimate Replacement Valve Stems Colby Valve Ultimate valve stems boast an extra short length which lessens the opportunity of trail-side
mishaps. Made of quality brass components, Colby Valve replacement stems install from the outside of
the wheel and are ready to go in approximately one minute per valve stem. The Ultimate.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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