Featured Vehicle :: Anders’ 2001 Turbo-diesel Cummins Ram 2500

Featured Vehicle :: Anders’ 2001 Turbo-diesel Cummins Ram 2500
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Anders Zway may already be a familiar name to some of you. He’s an ExPo Forum regular who goes by the handle Landman. A couple of months ago, Anders pointed me to the full build thread on the ExPo Forum, where he detailed his experience creating what he has dubbed, the “Puller Project,” named after Lewis Puller.

“In classic overland style, we wanted to name our rig, but we thought it would be cool if we made it very ‘American,’ considering [that it’s] an iconic American truck,” said Anders. “My uncle, a highly respected A10 pilot in the US Air Force, turned me onto military novels and studying from a younger age. Therefore, I knew the name and history of Lewis B. Puller. When I was thinking of the most American name I could come up with, Lewis B. Puller (AKA Chesty) seemed so flipping perfect! ‘Chesty’ was a marine (notoriously tough, relentless, rugged, and badass). Considering ‘Chesty’s’ incr.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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