Featured Campervan Upfitter :: Cascade Campers

Featured Campervan Upfitter :: Cascade Campers
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Cascade Campers Founder Zach Yeager’s love affair with VW vans (he owns at least four that we know of) began with a post-school road trip. Frequent breakdowns helped him learn how to maintain his vehicle but eventually led him to seek a more reliable platform for road tripping. Insight was gained on a journey through Iceland, where Zach rented a compact 4WD van to travel in. Seeing the value and function that the small Euro-van offered, Zach began refining his own campervan systems and builds. Ultimately, the travel experiences in the US and abroad inspired Zach to create his own campervan conversion company with his wife, Ashley, and their longtime VW-club friend Ilsa.

Together, this trio offers complete in-house campervan conversion services for 2015 and newer Ram ProMaster City cargo vans. Why the ProMaster City? It’s compact, has great fuel economy, and most importantly, it’s affordable. With a complete conversion coming in at just $8,000, a conversion .... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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