Featured Camper :: Taxa Cricket

Featured Camper :: Taxa Cricket
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I generally shy away from consumer products named after insects, but in the case of Taxa Outdoors’ Cricket travel trailer, I must admit, I like what I see. The Cricket fits into Taxa’s lineup of campers as a mid-sized offering at 15 feet long. Taxa’s “mobile human habitats built for adventuring” all share the familiar pop-top design, offering a compact travel platform that can accommodate anywhere from two to four+ people. Travel Trailers Should Get You into the Outdoors “Who decided our lives needed to be insulated from the natural world? That the best way for us to experience nature was by putting our homes on wheels and then luring us to stay inside them with flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and microwaves? Isn’t the point of journeying into the outdoors to leave the inside far behind? At Taxa, we think so.” And to be fair, there’s no rule book that says you can’t enjoy a little AC (Taxa offers air-con as an.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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