Featured Camper :: Hiatus Truck Campers

Featured Camper :: Hiatus Truck Campers
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Hiatus Campers Builds Hard-Sided Pop-Up Truck Campers Washington-based Hiatus Campers was founded by two road-tripping adventurers who created a unique hard-sided pop-up camper design out of necessity. Tyler and Erin’s initial goal was to design a comfortable and secure retreat to make their pursuit of rock climbing, backpacking, and snow sports a little bit more comfortable. That need led them to create a custom hard-sided pop-up truck camper from scratch, and they documented the process on Imgur. After unveiling their creation, the couple received well-deserved attention from many individuals who saw the custom camper as the perfect solution for off-grid adventures. There was an immediate demand for their new design, so Tyler and Erin ran with the idea and started Hiatus Campers.



Hiatus Campers Pop-Up Truck Camper Design If Hiatus Campers’ pop-up camper design looks familiar, it’s possible that you saw Anders’ Ra.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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