Featured Camper :: Black Series Campers HQ15

Featured Camper :: Black Series Campers HQ15
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Black Series Campers is a family-owned, off-road camper manufacturer based in Australia that has been in business for 10 years. During that time, they’ve produced over 30,000 units. Offering both soft-sided pop-up campers and hard-sided models (and at least two hybrids), Black Series Campers has 12 different models to choose from, ensuring that aspiring adventurers can find something that fulfills all of their needs.


The company prides themselves on the quality, value, and reliability of their products. They achieve these standards by putting models to the test in the Australian Outback, in all conditions: “In mud, sand, saltwater, over corrugations, ruts, and rocks to ensure that what we build will meet all of our claims but most of all, your expectations.” Thanks to their wide range of models, you’ll get exactly what you need, nothing more (and nothing less). Black Series Campers backs all of their trailers with a one-year tent and trai.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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