Featured Adventurers :: Jamie & Sandra

Featured Adventurers :: Jamie & Sandra
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Sometimes you have to hit rock-bottom before you can realize your true potential, and for Jamie Leibert that meant landing in federal prison. This incredible low taught him what can happen when you lose your way. But after serving his time, Jamie decided to completely turn his life around. He abandoned his vices and took on extreme sports like base jumping and rock climbing. He also created a successful event production company, but Jamie’s biggest success story was born from his experience growing up in broken homes, surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse. Seeing an opportunity to help at-risk kids avoid his same fate, he founded a non-profit called Just Care More in 2014 which teaches lessons of personal accountability through adventure sports. 


But Jamie is much more than a successful business owner, philanthropist, mentor, and extreme sports enthusiast. He is a modern-day explorer, traveling the world by VW campervan with his partner, Sandra. Toget.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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