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I recently had the privilege of leading an amazing group of women from Montana to Idaho on our very first all-ladies overland trip for XOverland. The seven of us all had different experience levels, and it was a great opportunity to plan, film, and execute this adventure on our own.

With this trip came the chance to use some of my beloved items I don’t leave home without and a few new ones I’ve been waiting to get my hands on. And Idaho was the perfect place to test them out.

I love sand dunes and the desert. Maybe even more than mountains, which sounds sacrilegious, being born and raised in Montana. Ever since my first race in Morocco, I was captivated, yet terrified of the endless sand dunes I was expected to traverse without dying. I failed miserably, but with a determination to conquer them one day. It was a big lesson in understanding personal limits, respecting nature, and realizing we can surmount failure.

Fast forward six years and four rall.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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