Eastern Sierra Magic: The John Muir Trail in Photos

Eastern Sierra Magic: The John Muir Trail in Photos
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In 2017, my partner, Amanda, and I hiked the John Muir Trail from Yosemite National Park to the summit of Mt.Whitney. It was a spectacular 15-day trip that tested our spirits, our relationship, and our physical abilities. But like so many big adventures that give us insight into the very fabric of what makes us human, words often escape me when I try to describe it. The sheer magnificence of the Eastern Sierra landscape that we called home for two weeks cannot be captured in words. It must be experienced. The scale of our surroundings shattered our egos and reminded us that nature is indifferent to our existence. And as we wound our way through the quiet, humid valleys, past raging torrents of melt-water and across craggy granite ridges, we thought to ourselves, this is living. Would I embark on this journey again? In less than a heartbeat.

The same year we hiked, a handful of people perished in river crossings which had become dangerously high due to above-average s.... Continue Reading at Expedition Portal

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